Book cover for Murdoch Stephens novel Down from Upland
I am the author of four books: one of popular non-fiction Doing Our Bit: The Campaign to Double the Refugee Quota (2018; BWB Texts), one of academic enquiry Critical Environmental Communication (2018; Rowman/Littlefield, USA) and two novels Down from Upland (2022, Lawrence & Gibson) Rat King Landlord (2020, Lawrence & Gibson). Rat King Landlord has been re-released in 2023 as a collaboration with Renters United and is available, for free, to renters around Aotearoa.

Between 2005 and 2014 I released numerous books under the name Richard Meros, including the best-selling On the conditions and possibilities of Helen Clark Taking me as her Young Lover
which was made into a nationally touring play of the same name across 2007-8.

See this Stuff interview for an overview of my work.

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Doing Our Bit: The Campaign to Double the Refugee Quota by Murdoch Stephens BWB Text Wellington
 Critical Environmental Communication book Murdoch Stephens How Does Critique Respond to the Urgency of Climate Change?