I am a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Asia Pacific Refugee Studies at the University of Auckland and a Fulbright Scholar. Most recently this work focuses on asylum seekers, rainbow refugees and emergency one-off intakes.

In recent years I have lectured at Massey University in Wellington specialising in digital media and communication. I graduated with a PhD (also from Massey) in 2018, a Masters from Victoria University in 2005 and my undergraduate degree from the University of Otago in 2003.

The first two links below will take you to and Google Scholar overviews of my assorted peer-reviewed scholarly articles. These articles focus on refugees, critical theory, communication and the environment. A selection of these publications can be viewed, either through links on these first two sites or the journal images below. If you can't get access to anything you'd like to read, please contact me and I'll find a way to get you copy.

Murdoch Stephens academic publications
Murdoch Stephens academic publications Google Scholar

Murdoch Stephens academic article Counterfutures 7
Murdoch Stephens Hospitality and Society Shannon Te Ao Sydney Biennale Giorgio Agamben
Murdoch Stephens issues refugee New Zealand Sociology academic article
Murdoch Stephens Journal of Refugee Studies democracy liberalism human rights Oxford
Murdoch Stephens article in New Zealand policy quarterly on African Middle East refugees New Zealand discrimination mosque attacks terrorist

Murdoch Stephens research Community Sponsorship Refugees New Zealand SWBCMohan Dutta and Murdoch Stephens white paper on Strengthening Refugee Voices in New Zealand